Monday, March 7, 2011

Zutubi Pulse - The forgotten CI system

About two years ago I evaluated a lot of Continuous Integration systems. The list of candidates included known ones like Atlassian Bamboo, TeamCity by JetBrains and of course, hudson (which is now know as jenkins). But another system was in the list, and I was not able to rember its name, or to find it using a google search.

Now I got it. Cleaning up old notes helped to find an old piece of paper with the comparision matrix of the CI systems.... and it shows the name of the forgotten CI product. It was Pulse by Zutubi.

The list of features now includes a nice view for upstream dependencies of my build. Compare

I am going to give it another trial...

The META Acceptance Criteria

GIVEN a story described by the PO and diskussed by the whole team
WHEN the team implements the story and presents it during the sprint demo
  • the PO is happy
  • the customer is happy
  • the story is DONE with respect to given definition of done of the team